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Trigger Point Therapy in Fort Worth, TX

Loosen Up: Alleviate Muscle Pain with Trigger Point Therapy

Though the term “trigger point” might not ring a bell, the condition is a common issue. You might know trigger points more as muscle knots, or tender areas in the muscle tissue that are ultra-sensitive to touch.

Muscle knots can arise out of nowhere and bring with them anywhere from a dull to an excruciating amount of pain that affects other parts of the body.

When such chronic pain caused by muscle constriction is unavoidable, trigger point therapy is an effective, natural method of pain relief to release the pressure and restore your body to wellness.

What is Trigger Point Therapy?

A trigger point refers to a tight area within your muscle tissue, like a knot, that causes pain in the surrounding parts of your body. Trigger points are often tender to the touch, and isolated to a specific muscle group.

Trigger points cause pain, but it ranges in intensity based on each individual case. Symptoms associated with trigger points are tingling, numbness, and aches.

To reduce the pain caused by a trigger point, therapists who specialize in trigger point massage therapy have developed an effective and natural treatment plan. This process is a series of treatments in which the therapist applies specific pressure to the trigger point until the pain has subsided.

How Trigger Point Therapy Works

During a session of trigger point therapy, you will be asked to lie down while the therapist locates the muscle knot.

Your therapist will then apply different amounts of pressure, varying in strength, until the muscle knot has dissipated and pain is alleviated. Depending on the size of the trigger point, this may require several visits.

Because muscle knots are such a common issue, therapists and chiropractors recommend prevention through hydration and other natural remedies, like bathing in Epsom salt.

Getting Started with Trigger Point Therapy

Finding the right therapist is the most effective way to alleviate the pain brought on by muscle constriction.

Absolute Chiropractic & Rehab offers trigger point therapy treatment plans that have been developed using the latest chiropractic techniques to provide an array of pain management and pain treatment.

Set up a consultation by calling 817-720-5411 today, and reduce your pain in a natural way.